Friday, 11 February 2011

Valentines collection 2011

Valentines is upon us, time to showcase this year's design offerings....

The tradtional Dozen red roses will always the true symbol of love not just at Valentines but all year round. Above Is the Luxury Dozen. Fabulous "Red naomi" roses, mixed with lovely country style foliages.

This is a Deluxe Dozen. Twelve "upper class" roses. Not as impressive but i feel it is important to offer an alternative price range.
The luxury dozen is £20 more expensive but its true what they say, you only get what you pay for. Worth every penny!!

Half a dozen red roses in an attractive heart frame, at a very reasonable price £25

My personal favourite, country style dozen. The mixture for red, soft pinks and lilacs works so well.

Mixed bunches always sell well, from £15 to £35

This little arrangement provides an alternative to a bouquet which are the top sellers.
Something different, vintage ceramic swan filled with beautiful blooms. Quirky & Different.
Heart shaped Ivy plant, a perfect symbol of love, its beautiful, its long lasting, & gets better looking with time.


Valentines photo frame's £20

If you are only willing to spend £5-£10 this Valentine's then make it count!! Just because they are cheap, doesnt mean they have to look cheap. A single red roses in a lovely gift bag can go a long way!!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Valentines Day 2011

Its that time year again, you either love it or hate it and for a florist its mixed feelings. There is so much pressure for only one day, &  the target market is prodominately male customers who do not feel the need to pre-order (or maybe they just forget). Its about total guess work, order your roses & cross your fingers you have got it right! Fortunately men are easy to read when it comes to valentines, most want to come in quickly grab something readymade and leave. So as a florist are job is to make it as painless as possible. Lots of ready made designs, not to fancy or posh, clear prices on all items etc. However I do feel I need to educate some people about their choice's. Of course when the customer has entered my shop they have already made the right choice!! 
Roses are graded by length, the longer the length the larger the head. So your local supermarket bunch is going to have short stems and small heads now you might think a roses is a rose but how many brownie points is a cheap low quality bunch really going to get you??
There are countless numbers of red roses varites available on the market & a florist has to consider a number of things, size, quality, vase life & value for money. The most popular choice for florists this year is a fabulous roses called Red Naomi 

It has a very large head, impossible number of petals, a good vase life & a slight scent. This roses does not come cheap at valentines, and for the record florists do not increase prices at valentines day!! The growers increase prices which is passed on the the wholesaler which is passed on the the florist.
This year the same as last i will be providing a cheaper alternative called Upper Class. Its considerably cheaper & will be great in mixed bunches.
Valentines Prices
Dozen luxury red roses (red naomi)
Dozen red roses (upper class)
Half a dozen luxury red roses
Single red rose
£5 each
Mixed bunches from £15-£35

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Fabric Wedding 30th December

The last wedding of 2010 and what a way to go!!! Loved working on this wedding were all the bouquets and buttonholes were made with fabric, satin, ivory lace, including vintages buttons and brooches, dimate crystal beads, some novelty farmyard animal buttons and dried barley!
The theme was country/victorian vintage. It was amazing!!
The bouquets were made using individual hand stitched fabric roses, each was embelished with a crystal bead or vintage button.
Novelty farmyard animal buttons choosen by the bride were also added, as there was a country

The bridesmaid bouquets were similar to the brides but less ornate.

The flowergirl held a handmade wire handbag.

The groom's buttonhole was two fabric roses made using the fabric of the brides dress and fabric from the bridesmaid dresses.

The bridal party buttonholes were also fabric roses made from the fabric from the bridesmaid dresses.

Vintage umbrella decorated with fabric roses.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Wedding 17th December

A lovely winter wedding complete with lots of snow!!

The bridal bouquet was mading using avalanche roses, anenomes, viburnum berry, waxflower, rosmary and mistltoe, dimantes and golds beads were also added.

The bridesmaids bouquets were similar to the bridal bouquet.

The flower girl carried a wand.
The cake topper was a simple design of roses cones and foliage.

The table centres were elegant candle arrangements, using spruce, cones, flowers and foliages.

Friday, 5 November 2010

10 Fab Gifts for £10

This Christmas everyone is finding it hard to make the pennies stretch, so here are a few quirky idea's for great gifts all £10 or under!!!

Number 1: Pretty Zinc handbag shape container with ivy and hyacinth plant.
Number 2: Gorgeous individual hyacinth bubls, in very attractive glass containers.
£5 each

Number 3: Wooden & Zinc container and trio of hyacinth bulbs, various colours

Number 4: Very beautiful artificial arrangment in a pretty vintage sugar bowl.

Number 5: Gorgeous vintage teacup trio

Number 6: Lovely little plant decorated with beads and ribbon.

Number 7: Fantastic zinc handbag container, why not fill it with goodies for a perfect christmas gift.

Number 8: Vintage teacup trio with hyacinth bulb, a unique and quirky gift.

Number 9: Cute vintage saucer gift sets. Very easy to make yourself, Vintage plate, a cute little soap or hand cream, nice ribbon and there you have a great little gift.
£6 each

Number 10: Orchid plant in a cute little teapot, complete with lid. Ordinary everyday plants in a unique container is a brilliant quirky gift idea!!

Hope I have given you some inspiration folks!!!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Autumn is here...

The summer is definately over....booo!!

However i love autumn, the light the colours the falling leaves, nature is such an inspiration especially in floristry. Warm tones of reds, burnt oranges and yellows are typically assosiated with autumn tones, though i like to mix it up with abit of pink, orange and pink is one of my favourite colour combinations!!
Here is a little glimps into the shop at the moment!!

Aselection of our fresh flowers

Beautiful Cymbidium orchids back in season

Fabulous Chrysanth Blooms

Some harvest fruits for decoration

I put these Physalis heads to a string bullion wire and hung them in my window, it justs screams Autumn has arrived!

Great idea for the halloween party....

Finally my Autumn / Halloween Window Display, as you can see its best seen at night, gives it more of a spooky edge!!