Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Autumn is here...

The summer is definately over....booo!!

However i love autumn, the light the colours the falling leaves, nature is such an inspiration especially in floristry. Warm tones of reds, burnt oranges and yellows are typically assosiated with autumn tones, though i like to mix it up with abit of pink, orange and pink is one of my favourite colour combinations!!
Here is a little glimps into the shop at the moment!!

Aselection of our fresh flowers

Beautiful Cymbidium orchids back in season

Fabulous Chrysanth Blooms

Some harvest fruits for decoration

I put these Physalis heads to a string bullion wire and hung them in my window, it justs screams Autumn has arrived!

Great idea for the halloween party....

Finally my Autumn / Halloween Window Display, as you can see its best seen at night, gives it more of a spooky edge!!