Friday, 5 November 2010

10 Fab Gifts for £10

This Christmas everyone is finding it hard to make the pennies stretch, so here are a few quirky idea's for great gifts all £10 or under!!!

Number 1: Pretty Zinc handbag shape container with ivy and hyacinth plant.
Number 2: Gorgeous individual hyacinth bubls, in very attractive glass containers.
£5 each

Number 3: Wooden & Zinc container and trio of hyacinth bulbs, various colours

Number 4: Very beautiful artificial arrangment in a pretty vintage sugar bowl.

Number 5: Gorgeous vintage teacup trio

Number 6: Lovely little plant decorated with beads and ribbon.

Number 7: Fantastic zinc handbag container, why not fill it with goodies for a perfect christmas gift.

Number 8: Vintage teacup trio with hyacinth bulb, a unique and quirky gift.

Number 9: Cute vintage saucer gift sets. Very easy to make yourself, Vintage plate, a cute little soap or hand cream, nice ribbon and there you have a great little gift.
£6 each

Number 10: Orchid plant in a cute little teapot, complete with lid. Ordinary everyday plants in a unique container is a brilliant quirky gift idea!!

Hope I have given you some inspiration folks!!!

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