Friday, 11 February 2011

Valentines collection 2011

Valentines is upon us, time to showcase this year's design offerings....

The tradtional Dozen red roses will always the true symbol of love not just at Valentines but all year round. Above Is the Luxury Dozen. Fabulous "Red naomi" roses, mixed with lovely country style foliages.

This is a Deluxe Dozen. Twelve "upper class" roses. Not as impressive but i feel it is important to offer an alternative price range.
The luxury dozen is £20 more expensive but its true what they say, you only get what you pay for. Worth every penny!!

Half a dozen red roses in an attractive heart frame, at a very reasonable price £25

My personal favourite, country style dozen. The mixture for red, soft pinks and lilacs works so well.

Mixed bunches always sell well, from £15 to £35

This little arrangement provides an alternative to a bouquet which are the top sellers.
Something different, vintage ceramic swan filled with beautiful blooms. Quirky & Different.
Heart shaped Ivy plant, a perfect symbol of love, its beautiful, its long lasting, & gets better looking with time.


Valentines photo frame's £20

If you are only willing to spend £5-£10 this Valentine's then make it count!! Just because they are cheap, doesnt mean they have to look cheap. A single red roses in a lovely gift bag can go a long way!!

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