Thursday, 15 April 2010

Gosford castle wedding farye

Iv been so busy with wedding planning, not mine of course but three brides-to-be wedding flowers. Each of them is so different, which is exciting and confusing when ordering, i have to be so careful when ordering the flowers!!!

Getting married northern ireland are hosting a bridal fayre in gosford castle next thursday, as its my first ever im super excited, iv thought of 3-4 different themes to do samples of. And also il be bringing along some of my bay trees etc which are available to hire. I feel it's important for the bride-to-be to  get to see and hold a bouquet,picture just dont have the same effect!!

So for my themes im doing VINTAGE, which is all the rage these days, it'l be very easy to achieve as my shop is a living homage to vintage chic!!

ULTRA-MODERN which again is a favourite of mine because simple lines and bold exciting flowers can really make such an impact!

And big decisions i didin't know to go ELEGANT GLAMOUR or COUNTRY CHIC. Elegant glamour is simple and safe, which (although i always try to presuade them otherwise) is what a lot of brides want!! Id be using white roses, maybe teamed with black, ribbon & beads etc.

Country chic on the other hand is an up and comming trend to rival vintage, its more natural, earthy and has a looser stlye, id be using wild looking flowers, vivid colours and single stems in a loose hand tie.

Awh.........the dilema!!

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