Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Busy Busy Busy........

Bridal Fayre Tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!............
 Iv been so obsessed with flowers that iv left eveything else eg, props & photo's to the last minute!! so i have one day to go buy all my flowers, make them into stunning examples of my work (thats the easy bit) and also i have to get some images burned unto a disc, get some printed.
Id thought about doing some mood boards on each theme, which would entail some fun cutting & sticking from magazine etc....... umm il see about that one.
R.J. Farrell Specialist Joinery were supposed to make me a vanity screen, but at present it doesnt seem to have materialised yet??? Thats one more thing on the to do list!!
I would love an easle to hold a large image in a frame, but unless i happen to stumble on one of those today, (the chances are slim i know) i dont think that will be happening!!!

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